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water, channel 2's cameras went down for a tour. >> it's designed to withstand with an earthquake with the magnitude of the 1902 earthquake and will be 106 feet under water. >> reporter: it made a tremendous noise and first thing i thought of was earthquake. >> reporter: the noise turned out to be a ship dragging anchor over the bottom. today boyd says the transbay tube is the most solid segment of b.a.r.t. >> me personally i would feel safer in the tube than any where in the bay area. >> during an earthquake. >> yes. >> reporter: but back in the late 60s, confidence in b.a.r.t. was shaky. communities such as berkeley wanted changes in the system. 15miles of track and 15 staeugs had to be relocate -- 15 stations had to be relocated. inflation zapped reserves, overreturn and improvements put it overbudget by $150 million. that's why there's a half cent tax today. b.a.r.t. cars were everyone controversial unlike anything else on rails, wheel sets 9- inches wider and winds on the golden gate bridge. neither problem faced by today's trains yet the design escalated costs. a train cont
controversial death penalty cases grabbed headlines around the world back in the 1950s. a parolee named carol chesman was convicted of robbery, kidnapping and rape and he was sentenced to die. during the 12 years he appealed his sentence, 94 condemned inmates including one woman were executed in california. over the years a number of well known people would ask the state to set aside carol chesman's execution. among them elenore roosevelt and billy graham. chesman himself wrote books and wrote congress. >> why did you grant this interview? >> curiosity more than anything. >> you're curious on what we might say to you or want to see how we would react. >> in a sense, yes. >> how would you benefit from that? >> oh, i don't know. >> study of human nature maybe? >> not necessarily. i don't know. i was under the impression that the interview when i signed for it was limited to questions relative to the case. now i find myself confronted with an inquisition on my subjective reaction or reasons for granting an interview. >> the latest decision was unanimous against you. do you feel this is the end o
in the early 1980s that replaced the entire bridge. the new dumbarton opened in 1982. two years later, crews blew up the old structure that had carried cars for 52 years. >> reporter: the 57-year-old bridge is slowly but surely disappearing. and today a small crowd gathered to watch the certain dumbarton demise. the east tower went down today and you can see how strategic charges made it fall away from the new dumbarton bridge. >> just perfect. it looked beautiful. our biggest concern was to get the power away from the new bridge and we took it down with delays. we had a two second delay. we tried to get the power to drop and we cut it up in midair. from what i saw it was gorgeous. >> reporter: the experts were preparing for the blow up with 200 pounds worth of explosives with linear shaped charges. some 260-tons of steal had to be brought down. if left in the water they would be a boating hazard. >> we sectionalized the bridge so they could come down in pieces. we cut it up into about 40-ton pieces. >> this bridge demolition will be going on for the next month. the west tower and span has t
the pacific northwest coast. >> it is here in the consistently worst sea conditions anywhere in the u.s., the coast guard trained america's best boat handlers. it's a course in conquering fear. >> if you don't get fear you have insanity in your blood. you are crazy or a fool if you don't get scared. >> the waves up there are breaking. don't >>> the instructors here will teach you three things. how to read the surf, maneuver a boat. but most importantly how to come to grips with your fear and drive right through. that fear you have to begin with. >> stays with you for a long time. you are going to be afraid and hez state that one second -- hesitate that one second too long and then it's over. >> hold on. >> breaking wave hits with the impact of an locomotive. it was all i could do is hang on. it was violent sometimes terrifying ride. with shouts, revving diesels and body wrenching concussions. only a few seconds between waves to avoid the ocean's powerful slaps. >> just don't way for it to die out. make it happen. >> so that story took john out to see. this next one took him under the se
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4